Jim Jones has a strong force brewing within the ranks of Byrdgang and if you don't know about Shoota by now, you will very soon!

Get familiar! Byrdgang's revival has arrived!

Everyone has special dreams as a child. Some want to be great athletes, others movie actors or actresses, and certainly many dream of becoming recording stars.

These kinds of dreams are common but seldom realized, and most are long abandoned and forgotten. This is usually where these kinds of stories end, but not this one.

What I wanted to do was show that everybody has the capacity to be self-sufficient, and all we have to do is to activate these dreams.

The question was once asked of a highly successful businessman: "How have you done so much in your lifetime?"

He replied, "I have dreamed. I have turned my mind loose to imagine what I wanted to do. Then I have gone to bed and thought about my dreams. In the night I dreamt about my dreams. And when I awoke in the morning, I saw the way to make my dreams real. While other people were saying, 'You can't do that, it isn't possible,' I was well on my way to achieving what I wanted."

So please, don't let anyone steal your dreams, or try to tell you they are too impossible.

"Sing your song, dream your dreams, hope your hope and pray your prayer."